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  • Network Services

  • If your network was a body part it would definitely be your spinal cord. Your network allows all of your devices to communicate with each other. No matter how good your computers are if they can't communicate with your servers and the internet they are useless. Our network engineers are experts at keeping your network running smoothly. Whether just making a few tweaks, or installing new wiring and a WiFi solution with guest network capabilities, we have you covered.

  • Tailored Packages

    No two practices are exactly the same and therefore their needs are not the same either. All of our network packages are custom tailored to your requirements. Many IT companies take the cookie cutter approach to save time and effort. Here at Medicus, we realize that while this practice may be more profitable, it does not serve our clients well. Any new project starts with a conversation about needs and desires then leads into a design and proposal. This ensures that you get the solution you need in a cost effective manner.